Can someone explain why this point is giving me 8.3V? Some options do not require additional parameters, while others have mandatory parameters. This guide explains how the Bash read command works through various examples and use cases. I like that approach more than the other solutions shown above, but probably I have missed something (not being very experienced in bash programming, and not being interested in other shells very much). done One neat trick is the abilityto redirect a file into a loop. IFS_BAK=$IFS IFS=$'\n' for line in $variableWithSeveralLines; do echo "$line" # return IFS back if you need to split new line by spaces: IFS=$IFS_BAK IFS_BAK= lineConvertedToArraySplittedBySpaces= ( $line ) echo " {lineConvertedToArraySplittedBySpaces [0]}" # return IFS back to newline for "for" loop Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. The primary landing site is Atlas Crater, located at the southeastern outer edge of Mare Frigoris ("Sea of Cold"), according to earlierstatements (opens in new tab) from the company. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. KPTCL, BESCOM, MESCOM, CESC, GESCOM, HESCOM etc are just some of the clients we are proud to be associated with. There are two conditions that will satisfy the while loop and allow the text to be processed by the body of the loop: These two clauses are separated by the OR logical operator || so that ifeitherclause returns success, the retrieved text is processed by the body of the loop, whether there is a newline character or not. @eugene: that's funny. You can simply use bash redirection and command substitution to get the file contents as arguments to your command: command $(good middle name that goes with lorenzo, judi franco net worth, why did shazia leave citizen khan,
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